triplets // Jude

Jude farts…a lot.







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triplets // McKelvey Update

I’ve got two beautiful little girls (crazy). One is in my arms fast asleep and occasionally making these little grunting noises that actually sound like a little laugh. It’s ridiculously cute to me. One just got a room all to herself. She better enjoy it though because it’s not gonna happen again for a loooong time.

McKelvey tested positive for RSV, a respiratory virus. For now, she’s on a little oxygen and has been placed in her own room to recover. It’s really sad from one perspective because she’s all alone and any kind of virus for a premie is never good. But on the other hand it’s the best thing for these other two little guys who do not need to go fighting a virus as well.

As of now, Jude and Collier’s tests have come back negative and we were planning on taking both of them home today. But, we’re familiar with the drill, so another 24 hours of monitoring before we come back to that option. So tomorrow…

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triplets // McKelvey

Looks like everyone gets their own post at some point. McKelvey was feeling like it was her turn apparently. Here’s her story…She kicked everybody out.

McKelvey was the biggest. She didn’t need a PICC line, she didn’t need a ventilator, she never really had any problems. Our joke was that she pushed the other two out because she wanted some more room. Her plan was spoiled as she was unaware that she would also be removed from her cozy position as Baby C at the same exact time as Baby A and B.

At the end of last week, we had grand plans of “going home on Monday.” That’s right, everyone, increasing Auburn’s population by three on the 30th of December. It’s not the first time we’ve heard this news, but we were certain it would be the last.


McKelvey, feeling left out of most of the drama, decided now was the best time to “make a scene.” Apparently, she wanted Mama and Papa to spend at least one more night in the hospital with her. I’ve made light of it thus far because humor seems to help me cope with difficult situations. Baby McKelvey is sick though. And we’re not sure what it is. For the last few days, she’s been very stuffy, dropping the oxygen levels in her blood and heart rate and not eating well. She’s always been kind of a lazy eater, but you can just look at her face and see she was feeling pretty down.

We’ve been praying the last few days for healing, hoping this would just go away, but today she seems worse. So as I’m typing this, she’s across the room getting a lot of blood drawn and screaming as loud as her little lungs will let her. I can’t think of too many other situations where I’ve felt more helpless.

Tonight she will start on some antibiotics and have a lumbar puncture to rule out more things and then possibly a blood transfusion if needed. There’s not much more to say really. Just praying and waiting.


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triplets // Collier’s gift

When you get pregnant and you read all about babies, all the research will at some point tell you that “skin to skin is important for you and your baby.”* This is also known as “kangaroo.” Since technically it’s the same number of syllables, even though its more words, I prefer to say “skin to skin.” “Kangaroo” is just strange to me. We value this time and do it as often as we can.

Sometimes the doctors and nurses walk in before you have picked up your bundle of joy and there you are, standing awkwardly, shirt off, in all your flabby glory as if walking around without a shirt on is something that you would normally do.**

Recently, while spending this precious time with my beautiful daughter Collier, she offered me something that I just couldn’t turn down. Fortunately, I caught this on my phone. During tailgating season, I learned a valuable trick from a female friend*** that you can do if you have a smartphone with a camera on front. You open your camera app, switch to the front camera, and voila, you have a built in mirror.****

I couldn’t see Collier’s face as I was holding her. “This is a shame.” I thought to myself. “McKelvey was so peaceful and just passed out when I held her, but Collier, she’s making so many noises and moving around so much, I just have to see her face and expressions. I know, I’ll use my phone. This will be perfect.”

You know what, it was perfect. Then I thought, “You know what would make this more perfect…to hit the record button so that I can remember this moment forever and ever and one day when we do a rehearsal dinner, I’ll put this little video up and everyone there will cry and then I’ll shoot a look over at that scum gentleman that asked my daughter’s hand in marriage as if to say, ‘I can tell you I don’t have money… but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that will be the end of it – I will not look for you, I will not pursue you… but if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you… and I will kill you. [Long pause, then...(wait, we just shifted to Taken).'"

Anyway, I did record it. And I got this gem. I give to you “Collier Gift.”
(NSFW: I show my chest.)

* I didn’t read anything really. Kristen read a bunch and told me everything I needed to know.
** I actually do walk around without a shirt on a lot.
*** I’m looking at you Leslie Moore.
**** I have since used this process.

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triplets // picture post

Here comes a picture post.

Picture one: We have three babies who are all off of caffeine and are all in cribs. That looks kind of like this. They’re still so tiny. But they are cute all tucked up inside their crib. And it’s a whole lot easier to get them out and hold them.



Picture two: They’re getting baths in the big sink. Jude appeared to be enjoying his. Or he’s wondering why I’m taking his naked picture and posting it for the world to see. Or, and more likely, he’s throwing his hands out with a little godfather look saying, “Papa, I’m gonna make this nurse an offer she can’t refuse if she doesn’t get me out of here quickly and get me some food.”

Picture three: You might be confused at first. This is not one of our babies. This is “mini-baby.” This is actually a fake baby. In real life. We had to take a discharge class in order to take the triplets home at some point. We learned to do baby CPR on mini-baby. It was quite an interesting ordeal. Here’s what I was thinking though, “Our babies were smaller than this when they were born, why would you name your fake CPR baby, mini-baby? That’s sort of offensive. How about you just name it ‘practice CPR baby’ or ‘PCPR baby’ or just, ‘doll’…or… ‘fake baby with old man underwear up to his chest doll?’” I mean seriously, we had to pull the fake underwear on the fake baby down just to perform fake CPR.

In all seriousness, this was intense and difficult to think about having to perform. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to learn this. I tell jokes and laugh when I get uncomfortable. If you have experienced this around me, it’s more awkward for you than me probably. Sorry about that.

Collier and Jude are at 4lbs 6.7oz. McKelvey is at 4lbs 14 oz.

Big news today. Collier took about a week longer to get out of her isolette and into a crib. She did that today. And she got her feeding tube out. No big deal. That just means she’s on bottle feedings all day. Boom.

small steps…so close



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