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So this is the big blog week for “Nine Ways God Always Speaks.” It’s a good thing I decided to read this book last week since the deadline for the review was this week. I had actually lost track of what I was reading and when they were due with all that surrounded Easter, but anyhow, I read it and here goes.

Ultimately, I thought it was a great book to add to the list this year. Mark Herringshaw and Jennifer Schuchmann are storytellers and that’s their main focus with this book. They don’t give high theological arguments about how God speaks, nor do they press formulas on you suggesting that God can and only speaks in the ways they focus on. What they do is take people’s stories of how God has spoken to them, line them up with Biblical examples and say, “see, God speaks like this.” At least that was my take on what was going on. But that’s the kind of straightforward book I enjoy.

And bottom line, they allowed me, the reader, to make the ultimate decision. Often, I feel they would lead to a question or even flat out pose one that they did not answer. I appreciate this boldness and vulnerability. It made the authors more real to me. Because honestly, some of the stories did sound a little bogus, and I balked at a few things. But with the straightforward approach and the assurance that you may not fully buy in, I was okay with not feeling the pressure to “drink the proverbial kool-aide” everything.

One thing I have noticed about myself personally is that I have been saying a lot more over the last few days, that’s God speaking to you. And not in a cheesy way, but a genuine way. For example, one of my friends in the ministry was telling me this morning how he was dealing with someone in his church complaining about “how they didn’t like something,” (classic) and right when he was the most discouraged and about to pop off an e-mail with defenses up, another person in ministry called and said, “hey, what’s going on, just wanted to check on you.” Immediately, I thought, “his friend could have ignored the Spirit prompting him to call, and he could have ignored the wise counsel from a trusted friend.” But neither did. And what I believe is that it was God speaking in different ways to different people. Would I have recognized this a week ago? Yeah, I guess so. But it was with more clarity and more quickly that I did so today. So, good read.

If you want a copy, leave a reply and tell me a story of how God has spoken to you and I’ll randomly choose a winner (i.e. it won’t be because I think you’re super holy cause of the way God spoke to you or what He spoke to you, I just love the stories).

Or, you can buy a copy here.

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4 Responses to Nine Ways God Always Speaks // money back guaranteed

  1. Phillip says:

    So I’ve never had God speak to me in a physical, audible voice… but how many people actually have? What I’ve had happen is where I will either have scriptures brought to my mind, or placed in front of me, or maybe someone will say something to me that will end up be God trying to tell me something. I’ve even been thinking about certain spiritual things before and had ideas pop into my head out of no where. Was is God? Was it my brain being random? Whatever it was, it usually turns out to be good.

  2. God most often speaks to me through His Word. Once in a while through dreams (though I always pray and ask for confirmation in other ways as well). Often through other people, especially my husband, pastor and mentors. Sometimes through circumstances, like when our house burned to the ground when I was praying for direction. Well…that was certainly direction! Sometimes through provision, like now when I’m being very stretched in ways I would have never tried except for need of provision. Often through love when He grabs my heart and fills it with love for another…often a complete stranger! One of my favorite ways He speaks to me is through stillness, when I feel more than hear His soft whispers to my heart. And of course He speaks to me through hardships, when He calls me to trust Him above all else.

  3. Shelly Burns says:

    2 weekends ago my husband and I tilled and planted our first vegetable garden. My father-in-law always had one before he got too sick to take care of it, and I promised him before he died that I would have a garden. Last year at this time we were in the hospital with him and he passed in June, hence the garden this year. After we had finished, we set up the sprinkler to water everything, and went off to do other chores. When we passed back through the yard, there was a lone hummingbird flitting around the tomato plants, in and out of the water. My father-in-law had hummingbirds at his house; they were his favorite, so he kept sugar water out for them. We’ve lived here 3 yrs and never saw a hummingbird until that day. Haven’t seen one since either. I told my husband that was my father-in-law checking on the garden; God was speaking to us!!

    shelcows AT gmail DOT com

  4. Thanks for doing this giveaway last year!

    Just in case you (or your blog readers) were interested, I wanted to let you know that the book is available on the Kindle for free starting today for a limited time. Even if you don’t have a Kindle you can download the software and book to read on your computer or many smart phones. The details are here:

    Again, thanks for doing the give-away last year!

    - Jennifer

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