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This idea just came to me this morning, so I’m not sure how Biblically sound it is, but it was in the middle of prayer and I didn’t necessarily feel the Spirit correcting me, so take that for it’s worth. I was thinking about a decision that had to be made and so naturally, because somewhere along the way somebody thought it was a good idea to teach me this, I began to “weigh the pros and cons” in my mind.

Again, this seems like a very ‘natural’ thing to do when faced with a tough decision. Think about how it will affect you positively and then think about how it will affect you negatively and then pick the one that makes the most sense based on these positives and negatives. After all, the most important thing is to make sure that your life is negatively influenced as little as possible, right? (Rampant sarcasm). Somewhere in this weighing of ideas are undertones of fairness and the assumption that we should all go through life ending up on the positive side of “fair” in all things.

This morning was slightly different, however. (Don’t forget the caveat that I have just begun to ponder this, so no need to correct me harshly if you’ve been thinking about this longer than I have.) I realized that weighing pros and cons is all about my desires and what I think is best based on my perception of reality and my long-range plans. Pros and cons are based on faulty logic at best (we are fallen humanity) and at worst our own arrogance that assumes we could possibly know what is best for our lives in light of eternity. Insert here the verse, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” (Proverbs 19.21)

I decided this morning that weighing pros and cons is ultimately detrimental to my obedience to Christ’s leading in my life. He desires obedience which may often run counter to my own thoughts and plans. (Think Jonah.) Weighing pros and cons puts entirely too much trust into my own heart which too often, by experience alone, demonstrates that I will choose the comfortable and least resistant path over and above the path of obedience.

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  1. Jason Belcher says:

    Saw a tweet by Rick Burgess yesterday that read “when faced with tough decisions in life, the one that honors Christ and doesn’t compromise the gospel, is the correct one.”
    You hit it with your post. Definitely something I need to work on……that is, getting myself out of the way.

  2. Matt says:

    Brian -
    Such a good and needed word. Thanks for your straightforward perspective.

    I suppose Gideon really failed the “pros and cons” exercise. If he would’ve made his P&C list, he would’ve sprinted away from God’s will.

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